Monday, September 11, 2006

Nice Weekend

& Windy

We had a very nice weekend. It sure felt good after the hoopla of last week with school starting. I was so worn out. Saturday we stayed in and I caught up on some cleaning and laundry and any other school papers I needed to fill out.

Saturday night, Alan and I watched a movie he picked up called "Crank" ....Ughh let me tell you I would rather do all the laundry in the world then to watch that movie...It just sucked really bad. If you watch it you'll feel as though you've just wasted a whole 83 minutes in your life. How it got 2 and a half stars in the reviews just surprised me.

Sunday was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and the humidity was gone. Ahh a nice 72 degrees!! Just perfect. My sister Michelle called me as asked if I wanted to come to the Merrick Street Fair which is right by me with her and my mom so I said yeah sure. We walked around and the kids went on the pony rides and some bouncy thing and then some carnival rides. Brittany and Kaylee each won nice big purple dogs at a couple of games they played (one with a little help from Aunt Michelle) David was playing the quarter know the once where you drop a quarter in and it falls and hopefully pushes the others forward and some drop. He had a nice chunk of quarters and only from putting in a few dollars.

Let's see then we dropped off my sister by my house and my mom came with me to Petco to pick up a new filter pump for David's goldfish tank. It seems his must of died sometime between Friday and Saturday evening. Thankfully they weren't too expensive. He also picked out a couple of more fish for his other tropical tank. After we met Alan back at our house and we all went out to Friendly's.

Today is back to school. Their first full week. I hope it all goes well. Brittany decided she wanted to take the school bus to school everyday with her friend who is our neighbor next door. So at least she will have someone to ride with.

Talk soon!

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