Monday, September 25, 2006

Twisted Ankle

Went over to my sisters yesterday. She made a wonderful chicken parmigiana. We had a yummy TCBY cake for LeeAnne's birthday. It was a nice evening. Though wen I got there, Michelle was limping because she took a spill the night before while wearing high heeled boots. She ended up twisting both ankles her left one worse than her right though. It looked pretty swollen and bruised. So today I went and picked her up and took her to the orthopedic I went to when I broke my hand last year. It was better than sitting in the emergency room and the Dr. has the x-ray machine right there. It came back as not broken which is good. She has a bad sprain and was put in an air-cast for a few weeks. She said it felt much better with the air-cast because it felt more supported so that was good. She has to stay off it as much as possible and give it time to heal.

Afterward, I dropped off Michelle and ran home and got home just in the nick of time to get Brittany and Kaylee off the bus. They were tired today from being out at my sisters last night. Not that we were there late but they are used to being home and ready for bed at that time. They came home pretty tired. Kaylee even fell asleep on the bus. Guess they will be going to sleep early tonight. Which is good, because Alan isn't feeling too great with his shoulder. He was tossing and turning and in a lot of pain all night long and woke up with it still hurting this morning. I sure hope the surgery helps his shoulder.

Well I am going to go and clean my kitchen and get dinner ready.. Alan will be closing the store soon and I want to have dinner ready.


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