Saturday, October 14, 2006

Getting Chilly

Hello, boy the weather here is really starting to get chilly. I actually layered up in a heavy sweater today. I can't believe that upstate in Buffalo NY just had 2 feet of snow already. I'm feeling better from my strep throat and so is Kaylee. Kaylee ended up being home all this week with an ear infection and a fever.

Today was a cleaning day. I tore my bedroom apart, and gave the kitchen, living room, dining room and bathrooms a good cleaning. The girls and David each worked on their rooms as well. Though their versions of cleaning are much different than mine. It seems with running around all week Saturday is the only day to do anything. I am still working on laundry which I haven't done all week too.

I got my new laptop computer on Thursday and It is really nice. I am really enjoying being able to use it around the house instead of always being stuck in one room on my office desktop. It's also so nice and light only 5 lbs. my other laptop was so much heavier. This is much more portable.

I also finally got some pictures up from our vacation in July to Maine. Guess because of what happened with my sister I just never really wanted to look at them. I enjoyed the trip and all but guess with what happened by the time I got home I had no desire put them up. Click >>Here <<

Tonight, when Alan got home, we all went to IHOP for dinner and then stopped at Dunkin Donuts so I could get a nice hot caramel latte...gosh they are so good. We came home and the kids went to sleep. Alan and I are now laying in bed in the middle of watching some action movie "The Marine". I just really can't get into it at the moment. He also got the new movie "Employee of the Month" with Jessica Simpson. Maybe we'll watch that tomorrow.

Sunday, we are going to Schmitt's Farms to go pumpkin picking with my Mom and the kids. Hopefully the pumpkins are better this year. Last year they were terrible because there was just too much rain. I am also looking forward to getting some nice apples...especially Cortland apples they are my favorite and some Long Island potatoes so I can make a nice stew this week.
Hugs to All,

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