Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Monday News

Well it was a nice weekend. My niece came over Friday night and spent the weekend. She was so sweet and sat and helped Brittany with her reading one night which Brittany has been struggling with. Saturday, Kaylee had a great time at a birthday party she was invited to for a boy in her class.

Alan is doing well after his shoulder surgery. He just started therapy today and said he feels better.

I'm doing good. The pocketbook party was great I got a cute knock off Black Coach bag and wallet with a couple of cute coach key rings. We had a nice time just getting out and having a fun ladies night.

Today started off with my neighbor coming over saying she had to take her daughter to the hospital for a tick that was stuck in her daughters head. My daughter rides the bus with her to school in the morning so we take turns in the morning dropping off at the bus stop. Then at 10:15 am I got a phone call from the school principal telling me that everything was alright but my daughter Brittany's bus was involved in an accident on the way to school. Brittany said it was a different bus driver than normal and he seemed to be going a little to fast and hit the back of someone's car blowing out the bus tire and breaking a window on the car. Thankfully everyone was ok which was the most important part. The principal said he went right over to the scene of the accident to be with the children and everyone was good. They got the new tire for the bus and got everyone to school by 9:45 am 45 minutes late. I talked to my neighbor later on this evening and told her that she was lucky her daughter wasn't on the bus today and she was very surprised. She said they were able to get the tick out and it was being sent out to be tested to lime disease just to be sure. It seems they were upstate NY visiting and it was a very wooded area.

I went with my mom to the vet again to take her dog Lady (black lab) to the vet because she had to be re-checked from and ear and eye infection. The ears cleared up really well but her eye is still red so the doctor gave another ointment with cortisone to help speed up the healing. We went and dropped Lady off at home and then went out to lunch at the diner and then ran to Target because I wanted to pick up a web cam. My sister had got one and I had always wanted one. Great for chatting with people you don't get to see often. I was playing around with it this evening.

David got home after attending a homework club and brought home his best friend Amanda. She hung out and did homework with him and when Alan got home later on, we all went out to Friendly's for dinner and dessert.

Now I am just relaxing, doing my breathing treatments and then watching Two and A Half Men, Justice and CSI: Miami.


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