Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Poor Kitty

Hello. Well it's been a busy day today. I went with my mom to take her cat to the vet. She had been starting not to use her litter box and has been losing weight. The doctor ended up finding that her lymph nodes were swollen and that she had a hard lump on her back and some lump on her stomach as well as a swolllen tyroid glad. The cat "Binkie" is 17 years old. Her sister (litter mate) who my friends mom had died three years ago of stomach cancer and it really looks like that is what Binkie has now. She is very comfortable for now and if it comes down to her being in pain or uncomfortable then we will have to consider maybe putting her down. I hope it doesn't come to that though and she can just pass peacefully.

After the vet, I stayed at my parents house for a bit and chatted with my mom and dad for a bit and then ran home and got Brittany off the bus and headed straight off to her religious education class 6 miles away but she needed to be there for 4:15. Let's just say we just made it there sitting in rush hour traffic. She is in second grade this year and will be making her communion on Saturday, May 5, 2007. I will probably be having a party for her the same day for her. My sister who I am not getting along with right now is Brittany's Godmother so I don't know how that will go over if we are still not on speaking terms.

This weekend my other sister is having a pocketbook/jewelery party on Saturday that I am looking forward to going to. My best friend Alison is coming too. Oh and I just found out recently that my best friend Alison is also pregnant with her first child after almost 2 years of trying. I am just so happy for her and her husband. I know how long she has wanted a baby. She has also asked me to be the Godmother. I am just so happy and excited for her!! She is due the end of April.

I also put up the pictures from our pumpkin picking this past Sunday. We had a real nice time. If you'd like to see the pictures go >> Here <<

Well I am off to do some visiting. I have been neglecting that alot this week sorry about that. I also want to go and watch Lost and CSI: New York.

Big Hugs!!

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