Sunday, October 1, 2006

Rainy Sunday

Well today turned out to be a rainy Sunday so we ended up not going to our street fair. The rain stopped by afternoon but I didn't want to walk around in the dampness with my cold. My sinuses are killing me.

The girls friend from next door called and asked if the girls could come and play so it has sure been quiet with David and I home. David did some more reading. I ended up resting some more and doing laundry. I also watched a bunch of Lifetime movies. Not much else to do when your sick. LOL!!

I also spent some time researching on the because my laptop has been out of commission for the past month or so and I really miss having it. I have my regular office with my Dell Desktop but it's really nice to have the portability of the laptop. I can use it all over the house and yard. Well the battery went and so did my adapter. When I priced the parts I needed to get it going again, the adapter is $102 and the new battery is $211, plus shipping which came out to close to $330. It was just crazy. I said that is almost half of what I paid for the computer to begin with. I can use it but the charge only lasts for 25 minutes which stinks and it's why I don't really use it right now. So as I was resting in bed watching tv... I turned on HSN and saw that the today's special was a laptop which was a little smaller but has all the latest technology in it. The new Duo Core chip, 1 GB memory, Media Center XP, etc. It's nice and light too only 5 lbs. It's like my dell and certainly an upgrade from what I had on my other laptop so I ordered it. I like HSN too because you can just pay off in monthly payments rather than all at once which helped with our budget these days. I just got finished paying off a mattress set that I bought and love from them as well. Here is a picture of the laptop. Hopefully I will like it. If not...I'll just have to send it back.

Tomorrow there is no school because of Yom Kippur. My husband is Jewish but he really isn't practicing. We even live across the street from a temple. We raise the children catholic. Actually, Brittany will be making her communion this coming spring. Well I am going to run and make some dinner before Alan and the girls get home.


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