Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Surgery Went Well

Alan did really well. He has been in pain on and off for the last few days as would be expected. He is on extra strength vicodin for the pain. The first couple of nights I didn't get to sleep much. I got up every 2 hours to ice his shoulder, give him his medications and massage his arm so it didn't get stiff in the sling. Let's say I think he really enjoyed the attention. We took off his bandage today and he has two incisions on in the front of his shoulder and one in the back. He goes back to the doctor next Monday to have the stitches taken out.

We were able to get out a little bit over the weekend on Sunday. We finally got to the Italian Street Fair by my parents house in Massapequa. It's nice because we can use their driveway...and let me tell ya...if it wasn't for being able to use their driveway I would of had to walk blocks. Last weekend it was rained out. It was such a nice day and Alan was looking forward to getting out for a little bit. The kids played some games, Kaylee won a goldfish on her very first ball. Brittany won a big stuffed monkey with her big brothers help. Overall it was just nice getting out as a family. We were getting ready to leave, because I was meeting my sister Michelle back at my house, when my sister and her boyfriend pulled up in the driveway right behind us as we were getting the kids in the car. My sisters boyfriend got out of the car and came and said hello and was wondering if we were pulling out so we could switch spots because there was no parking because of the Fair. It was nice to see him again. My sister of course sat in the car. I am actually happy she did. I was very uncomfortable just knowing she was there it just brought up a lot of angry feelings. David just jumped in the car and said he still does not want to see her. Alan said to me are you still as mad as you were and I said "yes" he said wow I have known you 17 years and I cant remember when you were ever so mad at someone before but he totally understands. I told him maybe one day but not till she admits what she said.

Monday, the kids were home from school because of Columbus Day . I went to the Dr. for a follow up and because I am still not feeling so great. My throat has been bothering me. Well it turns out I have strep throat. So I was put on a stronger antibiotic and a new medicine for my nebulizer machine to help clear up me lungs some more.

Today Kaylee woke up this morning with a fever again and another bad cold. I hope she didn't get my strep throat. Poor thing she just stayed in bed all day and slept. You know when your kids are real sick when they stay in bed all day and sleep. If she is no better guess we'll be back at the pediatrician.

Well I'm off to bed....

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