Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Got the Flu

Ugh... I went to the doctor today because I woke up last night at 2:30 a.m. and wasn't able to throat felt like it was closing up every time I coughed. My husband jumped out of bed and set up my nebulizer machine and I took 3 treatments, which seemed to help. I was able to get back to sleep and called the doctor as soon as I woke up. I called my mom and she came over because Brittany was home sick with a sore throat and I couldn't leave her alone.

Well it turns out that I have a bad case of tonsilitis and the flu. My body aches so bad and my throat hurts. The doctor game me Tamiflu which is supposed to stop the flu from getting worse. She also gave me a strong antibiotic for my throat and a stong cough syrup to surpress me from coughing and aggravting my throat. I have to go back on Dec 6th for a follow up.

So I am just sitting her in my living room in my lazyboy and resting and drinking a nice hot cup of coco which is all I can do for now.

I aslo gave my mom the bones and what was left of my turkey from thanksgiving and she was going to make turkey soup and give me some tomorrow. I am looking forword to that!

Well going to rest some more.


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Poor Binkie

Well as I told you in past posts our cat Binkie was suffering from cancer and took a turn for the worse on Monday, Nov. 27th. We were about to take her to the vet to end her suffering but as I held her in my arms as we were getting ready to leave, she let out a big meow and then started gasping for air. I felt she was telling us that she was going to do this on her own. We decided to keep her home and just let it 1happen naturally. I held her most of the time and then my mom and dad left to go and pick up my niece so that she could be there with Binkie as she wanted to be. I kept telling Binkie is was ok to go and that where she was going was much better and there would be no more pain. She continuted to keep gasping and finally when Ashley got home from school, I placed Binkie in her arms and within just a few minutes, she was gone. I think she was just waiting for Ashley to get home so that she could say goodbye. We took her back to my house and buried her in my yard next to my other cat Dexter. I just came inside a little while ago after going over to her grave and putting a few flowers on her. Binkie was the first pet Alan and I ever had together even before we were married. Binkine lived a long life of almost 18 years. We will miss her so much!

>> Click here for more pictures <<


Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Whew!! It sure has been a while since I wrote last. Just so many things going on and very little time to do anything else.

I am up early cooking away. I got a fresh turkey from Zorn's farms. I never cooked a fresh one before. I usually get a butterball. But my girlfriend Alison swears by these turkeys saying they are so juicy and tasty.

I am having my parents it turns out my Dad came home a few days early because of the storms in the Carolina's. He figured he couldn't golf there and changed his plane ticket to come home and be here for Thanksgiving. My sister Michelle is coming as well. She is a manager of Stop and Shop Supermarket so she has to stay and close the store at 3 and then she is coming right over. It's only 5 minutes away.

Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving day!!


Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Sure been busy.

My father and his twin brother turned 60 this past week and we had a surprise party for them this past Saturday. Everything went great and they were so surprised. Everyone chipped in and got a trip for the both of them to go and enjoy a week of golf down in Myrtle Beach which is something they have been wanting to do for a long time. I also worked hard making a photo montage of them from when they were babies till now. They were very touched by it. I posted some pictures from the party. >> Click Here to View <<

While at the party, of course my sisters were there and I had to see my sister that I am not getting along with at the moment. It was pretty uncomfortable but we just ignored each other and I just made the best of it. I also spent some time with the cat "Binkie" she is not doing very well and has lost alot of weight due to her cancer and I think it's just a matter of a short time before she is going home. We have had Binkie for 17 years and she has had a good long life. But it is still so sad to see a pet you love go. They are just borrowed angels. I will see her later after I drop Brittany off at religous education later this afternoon.

Tuesday, I woke up early in the morning and took David to the dermatoligist for a skin rash he has had. Dr. Coss said he had eczema and prescribed some medication to help with the itching and rash. He has to go back on Nov. 28th for a follow-up. She said this was somthing common with people who have asthma. David has asthma but not bad. After the Dr. we ran to Target to fill his perscriptions that way I could do some shopping while waiting. I bought some things the Dr. suggested to help David with his sensitive skin. She reccommended Dove wash for sensitive skin since it has no fragrance in it and it is moisturizing. I got Cheer free laundry soap so that I can wash all his clothes and make sure there is no softners or fragrance that can also irriate his skin. Then we left Target and I drove to the school so that I could vote. I voted for a former classmate of mine who is running for Congress. I think it will be a tight race. David wanted to stop at Dollar Tree and look around for a bit. We ended up finding a few cute things. On the way home we stopped and picked up bagels and went home for lunch. I was pretty tired from running around all morning but when I got home Alan and the girls really wanted to go out and do something since they were off from school. We decided we'd go and see a movie. So we took them and Brittany's friend to see "Flushed" it was a cute movie for them. When I got home, I did some much needed cleaning and then made dinner.

Also I want to apologize for my lack of visting to all of my reads. I promise to be around to visit within the next day or so.

Big Hugs!!


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