Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Poor Binkie

Well as I told you in past posts our cat Binkie was suffering from cancer and took a turn for the worse on Monday, Nov. 27th. We were about to take her to the vet to end her suffering but as I held her in my arms as we were getting ready to leave, she let out a big meow and then started gasping for air. I felt she was telling us that she was going to do this on her own. We decided to keep her home and just let it 1happen naturally. I held her most of the time and then my mom and dad left to go and pick up my niece so that she could be there with Binkie as she wanted to be. I kept telling Binkie is was ok to go and that where she was going was much better and there would be no more pain. She continuted to keep gasping and finally when Ashley got home from school, I placed Binkie in her arms and within just a few minutes, she was gone. I think she was just waiting for Ashley to get home so that she could say goodbye. We took her back to my house and buried her in my yard next to my other cat Dexter. I just came inside a little while ago after going over to her grave and putting a few flowers on her. Binkie was the first pet Alan and I ever had together even before we were married. Binkine lived a long life of almost 18 years. We will miss her so much!

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