Sunday, January 21, 2007

Relaxing Sunday

Saturday night Alan took me out for my 37th birthday to Milleredge Inn (it's not really not till Tuesday...just celebrating early) He even got me my favorite spot next to the fireplace which was great since it was so cold last night. I got my favorite Old fashioned yankee pot roast. It melted in my mouth. Then we went back to my parents house for cake. I got a gift certificate from my sister and some really cute Boyds Bears. Gosh I have so many I don't know were to put them all to display them so nicely.

Today the kids and I slept in but Alan had to go and open the store. Then we ran out and got bagels and cold-cuts for lunch. I came home and made my favorite tuna on an onion bagel and a nice salad. Other than than I have been just been sitting around doing a little laundry and watching tv. Sometimes you just need a day like this to relax so it's good to take it while you can.

I'm doing better on the Lasix for the swelling I had. I have a Dr.'s appointment tomorrow so maybe we can figure out why that happened so bad. I am wondering if it had to do with all the medications I am on for my breathing. Weird.

Well hope you all had a great weekend.


Friday, January 19, 2007

First Snow Today!!

We even woke up at 7 am this morning to snow. Yay!! It was those big fluffy flakes. Kaylee was so happy!! It didn't last but it was so pretty. I'm happy it's Friday today. I sure could use the weekend to do some catching up in this house.

Oh and I guess I knocked wood too early in my last post because I have been doing nothing but blowing up and retaining water. I explained my concerns to my Dr when I had seen him and he said to just drink more water to try and flush my system. Well, I drank, and drank, and drank, when I woke up yesterday I looked and felt awful my hands were so swollen I couldn't make a fist. My rings are so tight they would have to be cut off. I called the Dr. and he said that he will call my pharmacy and order Lasix (water pill) to help get rid of the water weight. He also wants to run tests and find out why I would be so bloated. I have to go in on Monday at 3:15 p.m. Hopefully it is noting serious. I know I just can't take no more of this. If it's not one thing it's another.

Anyways, today I started on my eating healthy resolution. I got the new Leslie Sanson Walk Slim workout DVD's. (I have all her others and love them) not to mention I have met her and she is so sweet and kind. I am going to make it a point to do at least one hour a day walking. I know once I get back into that routine I will be addicted to doing it. I just have to make time for myself. It's hard sometimes with daily life aways peaking in but I have to stay to my schedule and do something for myself.

Tomorrow night Alan is taking me out for dinner for my 37th Birthday. It's acutally on Tueday, Jan 23 but it was easier to go out over the weekend. We are going to my favorite restaurant Milleridge Inn . It's a colonial type place but the food is so good. I love the Old fashioned Yankee Pot Roast! Their Waldorf salad is also so good! I can't wait. Afterwards we are going to my parents house with the kids because they are having cake for me. Gosh 37! I remember when I thought that was old. LOL!! No I think I want to do everything not to feel that way.


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Brrrr Cold Today!!

Hello All!

Been busy lately, I am feeling well. Got a good check up at the doctor. He said my lungs sounded great. My asthma is much better. Knock on wood!!

The kids just got off the three day weekend for Martin Luther King Day. It rained all weekend. So on Sunday, we went to the movies and saw Charlotte's Web. What a really nice movie. We really liked it alot.

The rest of this week so far has been pretty quiet. The cold weather finally came in!! Today it was 23 degrees out when we got up this morning. Brrr!!! I finally had to dig my winter coat out and start turning up the heat in the house.

This evening I got a nice birthday surprise from my husband. My 37th birthday is on Tuesday, Jan. 23rd. Well he ordered me a gift from BOSE and had it arrived via UPS today. It was a Bose IPod SoundDock. I love it!! I was playing with it all evening and dancing in the living room with the kids. This thing sounds sooo awsome!! It's small but sounds like you have a huge stereo on!

Well I am off to bed. Have to be up early. Alan also has a Dr.'s appointment in the morning and is going to ask about getting back to work at UPS. He has been out of work since last March from his car accident.


Monday, January 8, 2007

Beautiful Weekend!

Hello. The weekend went very nice and by nice I mean the weather too!! Long Island has been having a very mild winter so far. Today we reached 72 degrees!! In January!! It was beautiful out all day Saturday. I even had to throw my central air on for a bit. We really haven't had any really cold weather yet with temps in the 50's and up except for at night. It's great that we having had to pay too much for heating yet. We also had a few family/friends over this Saturday for a small birthday party for my daughter Brittany's 8th Birthday. Sunday, Brittany and Kaylee had her neighbor friend over to play. I did a little cleaning up and laundry and then relaxed for the rest of the evening.

Later, Sunday evening, Alan brought home a movie later on "Children of Men" which is about a future society in England that faces faces extinction when they lose the ability to reproduce and Theo the main character has to take care of a woman who is the first woman to be pregnant in 27 years!! review... it was a perfect copy but oh my god was this movie so hard to follow. I kept saying what...what are they doing...what's going on. Ugh!! If I was watching it alone I would of turned it off. Alan wanted to see it to the end and then it had one of those ending where you were like...what that's it!! The only part Alan liked was the effects I really don't know how that move got 4 stars.

Today, I am just relaxing it is such a rainy day here. I heard the rain hitting the bedroom window all evening. It's just one of those dreary days.

Hope you all had a great weekend!!

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Happy New Year!!

I have been MIA for a while now. It's been a busy ending to 2oo6.

My cat Misty, who I had last posted about is actually doing much better. I am very glad!! I was so afraid of loosing her considering she is 15 years old. She was sick for a good week but I sat with her every day and cared for her just like I would one of my own kids. All of a sudden one day she just started perking up and is now acting more like herself again. It was truly a blessing!! I don't know what I would do with out my furry friend!!

I am recovering as well from another bout of pneumonia again this year. I have been living on and off my nebulizer machine and have been so tired. I was recently to the doctor again this week and I was put on another med Theo-24 to help open my airways, which I think is working pretty well so far...knock on wood I haven't had any asthma attacks since I started that medication 4 days ago. Today, thankfully I am feeling much more like myself. I hope it lasts!!

I hope everyone had a nice holiday. We did. I am now on talking terms again with my sister. She called me and my son on Christmas Eve to apologize. I was very glad and I think it really made David feel much better too. I think though it will take some time to rebuild what we once had I guess that comes from feeling a little cautious because I am afraid of getting hurt again, but I am happy about it and it is a step in the right direction.

My daughter Brittany also celebrated her 8th birthday on December 30th. My cousin Colleen came over with her kids and brought Brittany a cake. Later on that evening my parents invited us out to dinner. We had such a nice time. She got a video game she wanted for her new Nintendo DS and I gave her a American Girl pocketbook with all the American girl line that Bath and Body works has. She loves all that girly stuff now. We are having a little get together at our home this coming Saturday. She is excited. I have been feeling much better so I have been working hard to get the house clean and a little more organized. I also want to run out and get Brittany her big birthday gift. She has been wanting a new bike so I want to surprise her on Saturday with that!! I know shell love it!!

My best friend Alison who is now 6 months pregnant, found out the day after Christmas that she is having a baby boy!! So my new Godson will be Brian John. I am very happy for Alison and Keith. This is their first baby and they waited so long!!

So that's about all for now. Just wanted to give a little news. I hope to be posting more.



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