Monday, January 8, 2007

Beautiful Weekend!

Hello. The weekend went very nice and by nice I mean the weather too!! Long Island has been having a very mild winter so far. Today we reached 72 degrees!! In January!! It was beautiful out all day Saturday. I even had to throw my central air on for a bit. We really haven't had any really cold weather yet with temps in the 50's and up except for at night. It's great that we having had to pay too much for heating yet. We also had a few family/friends over this Saturday for a small birthday party for my daughter Brittany's 8th Birthday. Sunday, Brittany and Kaylee had her neighbor friend over to play. I did a little cleaning up and laundry and then relaxed for the rest of the evening.

Later, Sunday evening, Alan brought home a movie later on "Children of Men" which is about a future society in England that faces faces extinction when they lose the ability to reproduce and Theo the main character has to take care of a woman who is the first woman to be pregnant in 27 years!! review... it was a perfect copy but oh my god was this movie so hard to follow. I kept saying what...what are they doing...what's going on. Ugh!! If I was watching it alone I would of turned it off. Alan wanted to see it to the end and then it had one of those ending where you were like...what that's it!! The only part Alan liked was the effects I really don't know how that move got 4 stars.

Today, I am just relaxing it is such a rainy day here. I heard the rain hitting the bedroom window all evening. It's just one of those dreary days.

Hope you all had a great weekend!!

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