Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Brrrr Cold Today!!

Hello All!

Been busy lately, I am feeling well. Got a good check up at the doctor. He said my lungs sounded great. My asthma is much better. Knock on wood!!

The kids just got off the three day weekend for Martin Luther King Day. It rained all weekend. So on Sunday, we went to the movies and saw Charlotte's Web. What a really nice movie. We really liked it alot.

The rest of this week so far has been pretty quiet. The cold weather finally came in!! Today it was 23 degrees out when we got up this morning. Brrr!!! I finally had to dig my winter coat out and start turning up the heat in the house.

This evening I got a nice birthday surprise from my husband. My 37th birthday is on Tuesday, Jan. 23rd. Well he ordered me a gift from BOSE and had it arrived via UPS today. It was a Bose IPod SoundDock. I love it!! I was playing with it all evening and dancing in the living room with the kids. This thing sounds sooo awsome!! It's small but sounds like you have a huge stereo on!

Well I am off to bed. Have to be up early. Alan also has a Dr.'s appointment in the morning and is going to ask about getting back to work at UPS. He has been out of work since last March from his car accident.


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