Saturday, February 24, 2007

Car Vandalized

Tonight it's snowing. It looks so nice out when it snows. So peaceful. The kids were off all week from school for winter recess. I'm thinking they may have just one more day off because of the weather. I'm sure they will be estatic about that.

Alan had parked his car in the street and when he went out to work the other evening his car had been vandalized. Someone threw a scalloped decrotive brick through my husbands windshield. We called the police and filed a report but the odd of them being caught is probably slim to none. Though if they do catch them then we would press charges. I even went to a couple of neighbors and one said they heard a huge bang earlier in the evening but when they looked out the window they didn't see anything. Sometimes I feel like we can't just catch a break. But it is just a car and at least it can be fixed.

Been doing pretty good. Just so busy. I am planning a baby shower for my best friend Alison who is having her first child who is a boy and also my daughters communion which is just a few weeks later.


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