Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Hospital Update

I am still here. My doctor came in today and said now either Thursday or Friday to be out of the hospital. He wants to be sure my lungs are clear. Not that I go home Friday run around on Saturday for the communion and then end back up in the hospital agin on Sunday. I agree it is just frustrating.

I am having my husband bring some of the favors I am working on for the communion to the hospital so I have something to work on. Keeps my mind occupied.

Well I am tired and going to go lay down for a bit.


I'm In the Hospital

I am writing form North Shore Manhasset Hospital in Long Island. I finally got my laptop up here. I was having a little computer withdrawal. I am in a nice family room with a couch an Internet connection which is great especially to get out of my bed a little bit.

I am here from an acute asthma attack on Friday. When I came in I couldn't breath well and my bronchial tubes were closing badly. I was admitted immediately. I had to go for a cat scan because they thought I may have thrown a clot in my right lung but thank God I didn't. I am now on IV antibiotics and steroids to help reduce the swelling in my lungs along with breathing treatments around the clock.

I was also put into a room when I fist got transferred form the ER to the floor with a elderly woman who wore diapers and keep on messing herself and the bathroom. Not a place for me to be with not being able to breathe. I got out right away and was transferred to another room the next morning with someone much younger and I am very happy who the put me with. Her name is Catherine and she is the sweetest lady. We get along nicely and enjoy talking.

It sure has been hard being away from Alan and the kids. I know my little one is taking it hard. She came to see me on Sunday night and didn't want to leave mommy. I was so sad. I wish she could of just stayed and cuddled with me. My mom and dad have been such a wonderful help and support. Alan has been running all over as well. I know he is tired. The hospital is a half hour away so he makes 1-2 trips here a day. It takes allot out of him to do that.

Well hopefully I am looking to be home by Wednesday. I just have to get rid of this wheezing and get weaned off my steroids. It is getting better every day though. The Dr. said it can take weeks for me to completely recover from all of this though. I just have to take it slow when I get home. I am lucky to have such a supportive family or I would never be able to get though of all of this without them. My family have been coming to visit. My Uncle Eddie (my godfather) came up too today which was such a nice surprise and brought me flowers. It really cheered me up allot.

Oh my gosh someone is screaming in the other room...one of the things I hate about being here. I feel bad for them though.

I have to get better and get out of here!! I also have my daughter Brittany's First Holy Communion on Saturday. I pray I am able to go!! I have a big party planned as well in a resturant immediately following the church. I am happy I did that. I could not imagine 40+ people coming to my house. LOL!!

I will try and update later on and let you know how I'm doing. I got to get


May is also National Ashtma Awareness Month


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