Thursday, June 14, 2007

Happy Flag Day!

Well it sure is cloudy and chilly today. Perfect for me I hate it when it's too hot.

Not too much going on. Yesterday I stayed home all day and caught up with some much needed cleaning. Which I haven't been able to do since I was sick. Now that I am feeling better. I want to clean it all!! I ripped apart the kitchen and wahed the windows, I cleaned out my pantry and then gave the bathroom and good cleaning as well. Then did all the sheets.
I also got a couple of cute gifts from Kathleen in my email. The friendship bears and the cute siggie below. Thank you again Kathleen for being so sweet, I love them!!

Yesterday was David's last day of school. He got his yearbook. Today though he had to go in at 11 a.m. for an hour and a half to take a math final. He said it was very easy and finished in 15 minutes. Unfortunately he had to sit there for another hour and 15 minutes. He called me and I went and picked him up. He wasn't feeling good. I hope he is better by tomorrow he has to go in to school for another hour tomorrw to get his cap and gown for graduation which is on Wednesday, June 2oth. I can't believe he is graduating from middle school.

Kaylee really enjoyed the Flag Day festivities at school. She made a cute hat and a flag streamer. Here is a little 10 sec video I shot of her after school.


Well I have to get running. I have to get to Target and get some toppings for Kaylee's class party tomorrow. We are giving the kids a ice cream sundae party. Yum!!


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