Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Happy 4th!!

Been really busy this week. Just trying to catch up with things. I have also been busy cleaing up my basement and setting up a 75 gallon fish tank with my son. I'll have to take a picture of that to post. I have been feeling really good since being in the hospital with my asthma. I do really well in the summer. Alan says we need to move to AZ or something so I don't have to deal with the cold weather. Who knows.

My parents left Saturday for a trip to Virginia Beach to visit family. Alan and I went to a Rush concert last night at Jones Beach. It's was great! Today we took the kids to see Transfromers. It was actually really awsome. A little long for Kaylee though. The movie was 2 and a half hours and she was getting fidgity. We stopped a the pool place and picked up some chemicals for the pool and then went to the fish store and David got a Parrot fish. Alan had to work tonight at UPS so we just stopped and ate at Friendly's on the way home. The kids decided they wanted to go for a swim so I sat outside with the laptop and just did some emailing and chatted with my sister and friend Alison about what we were going to do for 4th of July. My sister Lisa is going to have a barbeque and we were going to head over there for a bit and then maybe go to Alison's she just moved into her new house and the word on her block is they have a nice fireworks show.

Enjoy the 4th!!


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