Friday, August 24, 2007

We Got A Puppy

We purchased a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy this week from a breeder in Iowa. She is just 3 weeks old right now but we will have her when she turns 8 weeks. Here is a picture of her below. We named her Molly Grace. We are all so excited and can't wait for her to come home.

School starts again in just a week and a half. We have been busy getting school supplies and getting ourselves organized. Brittany and Kaylee got the names of their teachers this week. David who is starting high school has an orientation next week. I am surprised he hasn't received his schedule yet. He has to be in school at 7:20 am now which I know he is not too thrilled with. David was also working really hard in his room the past few days. He rearranged his room. He moved his queen size bed and desk to different spots in his room and I have to say he did a great job. David was also quite surprised today. My mom surprised him with a game system that he has been wanting. The Wii. He was thrilled to say the least.


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