Thursday, January 10, 2008

Doctor's Follow-up

I'm finally feeling so much better. I had a follow-up at the surgeon's office and he said everything was healing very well. I told him that I still didn't have any taste yet and he said that was from the trauma from the surgery and that it could come back tomorrow, in two weeks, 4 months or even as long as up to a year. He said in super rare instances it doesn't come back at all. Thought he doesn't feel that will be the case for me. He also suggested that some articles have suggested that loss of taste may be due to a deficiency in a vitamin in the body. He suggested that purchase a good quality multivitamin such as Solgar Female multiple. I have been taking them now for 3 days. So maybe they will help and maybe not. I keep trying everyday to eat something that has been tasting bad but still no luck yet. It's driving me nuts.

Alan is home sick now with a bad cold. He didn't go into his second job at UPS for the last two nights. I worry about him because I know how hard he works. I have been trying so hard to get him to go to get a physical. He for some reason hates going to the doctor. We have a $10 copay and that's it everything else is 100% covered.

Tomorrow I plan on freshening up the rugs. I want to steam clean them. I also have some unfinished cleaning to do in my basement. There is just never enough room for everything.
Well I am off to go take the dog out once more and then go and catch up on Grey's Anatomy that I DVR'd earlier.
Have a good day!


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