Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!!

Day 10 post-op.

I am up after a terrible New Years Eve. I was feeling pretty lousy from my tonsillectomy and the referred ear pain I was havin and ended up falling asleep around 5 p.m. in the evening. Alan came home from work early, went food shopping and made dinner for him and the kids and let me sleep. I finally awoke at 9:30 p.m and was in excruiating pain in both ears and my throat. I had slept though one of my medication doses and boy did I pay for it. I always remember my mom who is a nurse saying that when you miss a dose of pain meds and end up in pain, when you take your pain meds it can take twice as long for them to kick in again. Which is why it is important not to miss a dose. Well of course I missed it and ended up crying in pain for most of the night. I kept begging God to take away the pain it hurt so bad. I sat and did lamaze breathing and tried to focus on something and think of something good but nothing helped. I took all of my medication and even a touch extra. Well finally around 2:30 am things started to ease up and by 3:30 am the pain had totally subsided. Oh my gosh I would not wish this on my worst enemy. I would rather give birth to all three kids again then to go through that again or this whole experience. It is so frustrating. Well it's now 4:07 am and I am finally getting a little sleepy again and I think I will lay down and get some more sleep. I wish I could just be knocked out and not woken up until I was 100% again. I just have to keep thinking positive and know it will get better.

Hope you all had a wonderful and blessed New Year!


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