Saturday, January 26, 2008

Shopping, Movies..Weekend.

Friday night Kaylee had a birthday party for a classmate at a craft place called Cool Crafts. While she was there and since it was in a big shopping area. I dropped her off and went to BJ's Wholesale for some meat for the week for dinner. Their meat is very good. I got a corned beef and some eye round roasts and then picked up one of their already cooked rotisserie chickens. I also ran into PetSmart to get some things for Molly. I didn't bring her shopping this time like I usually do and wish I did because this time I saw another Cavalier shopping with her mom. She was so pretty. It's cool to see what Molly will look like full grown. Also the trainer that works in that store has 2 cavaliers and I am going to go back and sign Molly up for an obedience class. I'd rather learn from someone who is familier with her breed. Anyways, Molly has so many little toys and the little bucket I had is just overflowing so I got her a cute fold up one that is plenty big for all the toys (see pic on left). Molly loved it after we got all her toys in there. She jumped in and was picking out her favorite ones to play with.
Also my sister Lisa announced she is >> pregnant! << She is not sure of the due date yet as it really wasn't planned and with her moving in their new house and all she has no clue. She goes next Thurday for a sonogram and then we will know. It most likely will be Sept/Oct 2008.

This morning . Alan got up and went into our store to set up a card tournament that he has every Saturday. Not really sure what we are going to do as a family for the rest of the day. Maybe a movie and dinner and then a quiet night at home. It's really too cold to go out and do anything outdoors. I will have to see what movies are playing that we can all go and see.

I also woke up to a birthday gift from my friend Kathleen. She bought me a new siggie from Susie's Graphics. It is the the one I am using below. Thank you so much Kathleen you are so very sweet and such a great friend!


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