Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Family Day Out

We had a busy day as usual. Alan had the day off today, so we decided to go out to lunch and run some errands. We went to IHOP and then to Alan's distributor to pick up supplies for our store. On the way there we ran into some geese crossing the road. It was funny watching them and the kids sure got a kick out of it. Then we ran to Staples to pick up some more school supplies. I am determined to have almost all of it so I don't have to handle the back-to-school crowds. We couldn't really decide what to do from there we were thinking a movie but there really wasn't anything that was good for the girls to see that they were even interested in except Space Monkeys...and no offense it just didn't sound so great.

So...we decided to pack a snack and go down to Eisenhower Park and play some soccer, ball, frisbee, etc. We had a nice time. Wish we could of brought Molly along but there are no dogs allowed in this park. While there we walked over to see the 9-11 Memorial that was put up not too long ago. It is in honor of those who died in the Word Trade Center that lived on Long Island. It was pretty to see and sad at the same time. The had pieces of the World Trade Center there as well. Click --> Here <-- to view all of my pictures from the day.
After, we went to feed the turtles I am watching for my cousin while she is away upstate. There names are Pokey and Tuby. Brittany, Kaylee and David sure had fun playing with them.

Over all it was a nice day out and a lot of fun.


Saturday, August 16, 2008

I Am Blessed

Got up early this morning and did some laundry and then went and took care of the kitten next door with my girls who have been taking real good care of little "Izzy". Izzy is a little kitten I rescued from my yard sleeping in a old tree stump just a few weeks old with no mama cat in sight. I already have 3 cats, 1 dog and 4 fish so I really couldn't keep her so I had told my next door neighbor about the kitten and they so kindly gave her a forever home with them. She is looking so much better a little fatter and the little scratch that was once on her nose is gone.

Alan had to work in the store today because he had already given our employee the day off so my girls and I picked up my Mom and We also went to my Aunt MaryAnn & Uncle Eddie's 38th Anniversary surprise party around 2:00 p.m. We had a great time.
The picture on the right is them coming in and being surprised.

We got home around 7:30 p.m. and then I went over to go and feed my cousins turtles while she is upstate at her cabin. They are so cute as far as turtles go. I will try and get a picture of them when I go to feed them again. Then Alan and I took the girls to Friendly's for a quick bite. David just wanted to stay home because he wasn't feeling to great.

On the way home, we stopped at Dunkin' Donuts so I could get coffee and there was a homeless man sitting outside. I felt so bad for him. It really does make me feel grateful and blessed for what I do have. You know when you complain...I don't have this or that....well it puts life into perspective. I ended up giving him the few dollars that I had left in my pocket and I know he appreciated it. Last year my son David and I volunteered through church at the soup kitchen making sandwiches for people in need. It was a good experience and I am hoping to do it again.

I got home and grabbed my Ipod and went walking with Molly for a little while. It is good exercise for both of us and helps me sleep better. Oh and speaking of Molly doesn't she look cool with her sunglasses!! LOL!!

Well I am off to go read some before I get to sleep. So far the book I am reading "The Shack" is very good. I wish I had more time during the day to read. It is hard with the kids running around so I am lucky just to have a little quiet time at night to read in bed.


Friday, August 15, 2008

Lots To Do Today

I have lots to do today. It's been a busy morning so far. School is just a few weeks away. It starts September 3rd and I want to get all the kids organized for school. Especially their rooms. Going through their clothes and what doesn't fit anymore. It just makes it so much easier knowing where everything is.

Yesterday was pretty crazy again with the weather here. More hail and heavy rain and thunder. It has been like this now for a week on and off. I hope it doesn't mean we are in for a bad hurricane season.

Oh and Daisy is doing better. The anti-inflammatory medication must be working. My Dad said she got up and was moving around ... still limping but moving better.

Well off to get my work done.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


We had a scare on Tuesday when my basset hound Daisy (who lives with my parents) who is 14 years old seemed to take a turn for the worse. She has been slowing down a lot and her legs have been weak due to aging. Well my Dad and Mom called to tell me that she could not walk and that her back end collapsed. We thought the worse and prepared ourselves that it may not be good and we may have to put her down. I went over picked up my Mom and Dad and Daisy and went with them to the Vet ER and after blood work and x-rays thankfully it turned out that Daisy must of injured herself and badly sprained her right back leg. Which is why she was having a hard time walking and was dragging herself to walk with just her front paws. It was so pitiful to see her like that, which is why we thought it wasn't going to be good. Daisy was sent home on some anti-inflammatory meds and some antibiotics. She is an old girl now but I think she has some years in her yet!

School starts in a few weeks, September 3rd. Can't believe summer is just about over. Brittany will start 4th, Kaylee 2nd and David will be in 10th!! I have been buying some school supplies and have been getting some good deals so far. I rather do it all now then deal with all the crowds and the messy aisles in the stores when school starts.

I have been also playing around with Facebook. It's been fun getting in touch with old friends and making some new ones. Maybe I'll see you there!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Relaxing Saturday

Got up early this morning and went to the Italian market with Alan for some things to make dinner. The weather is so much nicer than it has been the last couple of days. Brittany and Kaylee are fighting colds. I am thankful it is now and not when school starts. They have no fevers but their heads are stuffy and Brittany even lost a bit of her voice. It is so hard to keep them in and to rest.

I spent the day doing some cleaning and giving my room a really good cleaning. I also did the sheets and quilt like I do every Saturday. I don't know I have this thing about having clean sheets all the time if I could change them more often I would. I just love when they smell fresh and clean. Tomorrow the girls rooms get done too.

Right now I am waiting for Alan to get home he had to go back and close the store and count out for the day. I have dinner all ready to go when he gets home. Guess I will go for a nice walk with Molly who is sitting here watching all the other little doggies go by.


Friday, August 8, 2008

Crazy Weather

Today and yesterday we have been having some crazy weather here on Long Island. We just had a terrible thunderstorm that had heavy rain, 60mph winds and hail. Here is a brief glimpse of it before it got too bad to stand by my back door.



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