Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Family Day Out

We had a busy day as usual. Alan had the day off today, so we decided to go out to lunch and run some errands. We went to IHOP and then to Alan's distributor to pick up supplies for our store. On the way there we ran into some geese crossing the road. It was funny watching them and the kids sure got a kick out of it. Then we ran to Staples to pick up some more school supplies. I am determined to have almost all of it so I don't have to handle the back-to-school crowds. We couldn't really decide what to do from there we were thinking a movie but there really wasn't anything that was good for the girls to see that they were even interested in except Space Monkeys...and no offense it just didn't sound so great.

So...we decided to pack a snack and go down to Eisenhower Park and play some soccer, ball, frisbee, etc. We had a nice time. Wish we could of brought Molly along but there are no dogs allowed in this park. While there we walked over to see the 9-11 Memorial that was put up not too long ago. It is in honor of those who died in the Word Trade Center that lived on Long Island. It was pretty to see and sad at the same time. The had pieces of the World Trade Center there as well. Click --> Here <-- to view all of my pictures from the day.
After, we went to feed the turtles I am watching for my cousin while she is away upstate. There names are Pokey and Tuby. Brittany, Kaylee and David sure had fun playing with them.

Over all it was a nice day out and a lot of fun.


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