Saturday, April 11, 2009

Day Before Easter

Had a great chat with my good friend Kathleen last night who lives in Illinois. It had been a real long time since we chatted and it was good to catch up. I wished we lived closer to each other. I was lucky enough to get to meet her in July when she came to NY for a visit. I met Kathleen online many years ago. She is so sweet.

Today, I am running out to go and get some chocolate Easter bunnies. I like getting them from a place by me called A Taste of Home right here in East Meadow. They have such good cakes, and a new chocolate shop that opened everything is so yummy. We are also going to finish baking our sugar cookies and then color Easter eggs. The girls are really looking forward to it.

Tomorrow, I am trying to figure out what time to go to church for Easter Mass. I usually go to the 10:30 am children's mass since the priest is so good with getting the kids so involved and makes the sermon so easy for them to understand but I am having a feeling it is going to be packed so I am thinking going earlier at 9:00am may be a better bet.
I am hoping tomorrow will be nice out. My parents are leaving for their cruise to the Bahamas. They are pretty excited as this is their first cruise. I am sure the will love it. I know Alan and I did the last 3 cruises we have been on. The last one just a couple of weeks ago. So, since we usually celebrate Easter with my parents and they are going to be awa, my sister Lisa her husband Darren their son Ryan, my sister Michelle, Alan, Me and the kids decided we would be going to the Milleridge Inn for dinner. I really like that place a lot and we will get there a little early so we can walk around the village and see the Easter Bunny. I know the kids will like that.
Happy Blessed Easter!!

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