Sunday, April 12, 2009

Had a Wonderful Easter!

Had a wonderful Easter this year! Got up really early and went to 9am mass with the girls. David woke up sick with his stomach bothering him so Alan stayed home with him. The church was just overflowing with people. Afterwards, we bought a Easter Lilly for my Mom and Dad from the Holy Family Org. and then went and picked up bagels for breakfast along with some very much needed coffee for me!! I gave up my iced lattes for Lent and I am happy to have them back! Then we stopped over to my parents house to drop off their surprise breakfast and the plant. My parents were getting their final things together for their cruise which there were very excited about. We only stayed for a few minutes just to say "Happy Easter" and goodbye because I had to get the van home so Alan could come back and get them to take them to the airport.

When I got home, Alan was just finishing up breakfast, so I called my parents to let them know Alan would be leaving to get them shortly and my sister answered and said that the house next door was on fire! I said "what I was just there 10 minutes ago" guess that is all it takes. Apparently, the neighbor who smokes emptied her ash trays into a garbage bag and put them out in the trash bin. Well it must of caught fire and the whole side of their garage went up in flames. A neighbor came and knocked on my parents door and my Dad ran out and threw the hose on it while someone called the fire dept. Thankfully my parents were still home because with the way the wind was blowing had my Dad not got out there when he did things could of been much worse. Thankfully they weren't.

After my parents got off ok, we headed over to the Milleridge Inn for Easter dinner and met up with my sister Lisa and brother-in-law Darren and little Ryan. Michelle ended up going to her boyfriends house. This is the first time I've gone to Milleridge Inn for Easter. It was set up really nice especially for the kids. They had a little petting zoo, free pony rides, the Easter Bunny, someone juggling and someone doing balloon animals. The kids loved it! By the time we got through all of the fun stuff it was time to sit and eat so it worked out great! Dinner was excellet and I still want more of that Virginia Ham!! It was so good!

So now I am watching the end of a Harrison Ford movie "The Fugitive" and relaxing for the rest of the evening. Hope everyone had a Happy & Blessed Easter with their families!

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