Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Busy Week

First, today is my Mom's 61st Birthday.  "Happy Birthday Mom!!"

Sure having a busy week so far.  Kaylee's Communion is this coming Saturday, May 16th at 9am.  We are having a small party at the Irish Coffee Pub in East Islip. We are having her rehersal tomorrow and tonight we have to finish her pew banner.    I will post a picture when we finish.  Also, I still have to order flowers and balloons and hopefully find something for myself to wear.  Brittany has her spring concert Thursday.  Then this week and I have one more meeting at school on Thursday to review Kaylee's progress.  Just a lot of running around.  On Saturday, the day of the Communion, we have to be up so early since the Communion is at 9am. 

Tonight we are going out to Dominico's for my Mom's Birthday.  My sister Michelle wasn't able to go with us on Sunday for Mother's Day because she had to work so she will be there tonight.

David is doing alot better and I think he is a lot happier being back at school after being home for the last 5 months on home schooling after being diagnosed with chron's disease.  He has learned some of the things he can and cannot eat anymore or how much of something he can have before it affects him. 

Have a good day!!
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  1. HI Dawn Happy Belated Birthday to your mom! wonderful David is back to school. You sure have had quite a few ruff patches these past few years. I hope you enjoy a wonderful week. big hugs

  2. Hi Dawn, Congratulations to Kaylee on her communion. I didn't know David was home for 5 months. That must have been hard on all of you. My condolences for your cat. I know first hand how hard that can be. Just try to think how much fun she is having over the rainbow bridge. What happened to your knee? It sounds like it's one thing after another. Catch me up on things. Regards to all. PS: Blanche is not feeling well. You might want to give her a call when you have a minute. I know she would love to hear from you. Carol


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