Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tickets Are Here!!

My Kenny Chesney tickets arrived today for the concert at Jones Beach on June 24th.  Can't wait!  I am going with my sister Lisa, her brother-in-law Ron and his wife Melissa.   Alan is not a huge Kenny Fan but thinks he does put on an amazing show.  My sister's husband Darren doesn't really like country at all.

I am happy too that we finally we can see the sun again after many days of clouds and rain.  David went back to high school today after five months of being on home schooling. He got home today at 2:30pm and said things went pretty good. They still have to switch him into an astronomy class because he couldn't take earth science at home because of the labs.

My knee is feeling better after the fall I had 2 days ago.  I still can't believe I fell and split my knee open like that.  I probably could of used a few stiches but I really did not feel like going to the emergency room.  I ended up putting a few butterflies on it and so far so good. 

Off to make dinner!


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