Saturday, October 17, 2009

Are You Kidding Me?

Good Morning....I was woken up early today thanks to awrong number.  Once I am up it's hard for me to get back to sleep.  So I made a cup of coffee and decided to blog.

Kaylee is home sick with a bad cold and cough...she felt so lousy and put herself to bed last night.  Poor thing.  I will see how she feels and maybe call the doctor just to be safe.  I know Kaylee will have her own opinion since she hates getting the throat culture done.  She would take a shot first!!

David had his appointment yesterday with his gastroenterologist because I had him home on Thursday with bad stomach pain from his crohn's disease.  Yesterday when we were finally able to see the doctor his stomach had calmed down quite a bit.   The doctor felt it was time to redo some of the tests since it has been 10 months since they were done last.  David has to go for a colonoscopy and an endoscopy and a abdominal sonogram sometime on this coming Thursday or next Thursday depending when there is an opening at the hospital.

Since the weather is bad and Kaylee sick, I am working today on our comic book store website - The Comic Book Depot -  there is some updating that needs to be done and the I want to work on some photo projects I have. Here is one of them below I am still working on.  I am also going to upload some pictures from my Aunt's 80th Birthday from last week.  I will post them here when done.

If You cannot see this picture go to to view full blog post.

As for the situation I talked about a couple of days ago, with the person(s) I feel have hurt me and that I have taken a step back from.  I am not going to be provoked and waste my time and energy to write a dissertation of what was done.   I am so tired of the family politics.  It is obvious what was done.  Part of it, I even asked if it was a mistake when it happened?  Was told "no' and there you go!  I am going to be 40 years old and I know better not to do what was done.  It was rude and hurtful.  I do not need to be told how to do the right thing when the right things weren't done to me or my family!  Nuff said!

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