Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I want to start blogging seems I have let that get away from me for awhile. I feel it is therapeutic for me. Guess that is also why this will be a long post.

This past Friday I along with Peter and my Mom had a great opportunity to go and see the new Dr. Oz show that is taped in Manhattan at the NBC building. It was awesome. We all had a great time. The show was a special about. Dr. Oz devoting the entire hour to the plight of those living without basic health insurance and the work of the volunteers who helped at a one-day free clinic. It was a very emotional hour and a baby on the show really touched my heart when she was diagnosed with a VSD (Ventricular Septal Defect) a hole in the heart and a large one at that. It just brought so many memories back for me when Kaylee was diagnosed with her VSD and narrowed aorta. It really is amazing how many people don't or can't get the proper medical care for one reason or another. See this show on October 15th. Here in NY it is on Fox at 3 pm. I am sure we can be seen towards the end since Dr. Oz was standing right in front of us and he told us to look good since we were going to be full frontal...gosh I hate to see how I :o)

Saturday, we picked up Brian and Peter at the train station and drove to Point Lookout to go to The Fisherman's Catch for my Aunt's 80th birthday. It was a very nice dinner and she was very surprised to see everyone as she thought she was just going out for a small dinner with her daughter and my parents. I have to get those pictures up on my Flickr account to see.
Sunday, My Mom, husband and girls drove into Jackson Heights to pick up my Aunt and drive to Ridgewood to see my cousin John (who is my daughter's Godfather) at his restaurant, Ridgewood Eats. It was also the It was the first time I had gone to his restaurant and it is a really nice place. The food was great! Kaylee wanted to bring my cousin the sign that was made from the American Heart Association that was on the walk path during Heart Walk on October 4th. Here is a picture of them. Unfortunately, I forgot my good camera so this is the best I could do. He will have another one at the next Heart Walk as well for October 25th. Alan did one too for his store for both places as well. Alan and I will be volunteering at the Heart Walk on October 25th as well. This is the first year they are having it in Suffolk County. Not as big as the Nassau County one but I am sure it will grow. We did really well this year with our Heart Walk team. We raised $3,084. I couldn't be happier. The money is what the Heart Association needs right now. It goes towards so many good things to help with education, research and more. It not so much about the walk it self like people think it is. The funds are the big part of what is needed to keep their programs running...etc. Feel free to check out my daughters site. > Kaylee's Heart <
After the restaurant, we went to a small farm by my house to pick pumpkins and pick up some fall goodies. The girls had a really nice time. When we got home the girls painted their pumpkins and I did a little fall decorating.
Today I had a dentist appointment. You know when you go to the dentist so often when everyone knows by your first name when you walk in the door. I am finally finishing up some work that needed to be done. I needed to have a crown replaced and the last of the silver fillings taken out of my mouth and replaced with porcelain which looks amazing! I have one more tooth on the top front that needs to have a porcelain veneer replaced (that was the tooth my sister knocked out with a baseball bat when I was just 5) she was swinging at a batter up and forgot to wait until I was out of the
Also, I have to get something off my back once and for all. I have been dealing with some people in my life I feel have crossed the line and when that line was crossed I removed myself from your life. If I have to see them I do... but I have come to realize that it is ok to distance your self from someone who I feel is not being a good person. People who lie to others (which can be proved) and who are rude and betray others just don't belong in my life!! This is supposed to be family?? What does that say??

Now many of you "soft hearts" will start hollering that it doesn’t sound too Christian to turn away from family like I am doing. However, family doesn’t betray; enemies do. I would never in my life do that. The bottom line is that there is absolutely NO excuse for being rude or betraying another person. If you are rude, it’s not because of some circumstance, it’s because you are a rude person. Period.


  1. I miss blogging too !!!! I miss all those cutsey sets we all used to use to make our web pages too. I think blogging is good therapy too. Hopefully I will get back to it someday. Glad to see the Heartwalk was a success. And I am 100% in total agreement in having to distance yourself from people whether they are family or not. Best of luck with that whole situation.

  2. Hey Dawn
    Good Morning
    I'm on the train on my way to Hackettstown and thought of you just because... I love you and treasure you. I read your web site Once Upon a Time and thought of some things to hopefully lessen your burden and help you.

    I am well aware of those feeling you have been experiencing with various family members and I understand and support you. I also identify with you because I feel maybe for similiar and different reasons strains on some of the relationships in my life mainly with family. Try to remember to count the many blessings you have in your life and try not focus on those who have hurt you and make you sad. I say this not only to you but try and remind myself.

    Today of all days one of my things today in hackettstown is an appointment with my therapist. Today's theme will be focused on trying to develop a game plan to not dwell on relationships that may be strained and are causing me fustration. I have this thing about communication and doing my best not to call people because I feel there are many people that just never call me. I have to get more involved with the things in my life and I'll dwell less. I really think it's the key to success for both of us.

    For example; I need to focus on 3 things make it simple 1. Study for my boards for December 2009 2. Exercise more spend more time in this area 3. Keep enjoying those really involved in my life and keep investing my time and resources in those who bring me joy

    We are only doing ourselves an injustice and we have to do our best to lessen our negativity and those thoughts that just bring our spirtits down.

    I treasure you dawn and you have had such a gradual and powerful impact in my life over these past 2 years. Focus on your mental and physical health and try to let go of those you can't control. Be true to yourself and keep taking out that trash those items that belong in the trash and keep that head high and smile for all those gifts you have in your life.

    I love you Dawn, enjoy your planet fitness with your Mom and know you're very special to me, life is real short and I'm coming to see you the first week of November for a couple of days. Call me later for the "daily report"



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