Monday, January 25, 2010

Great 40th Birthday!!

Wow I was dreading turning 40 but is wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. My sister Lisa came over after the kids got home from school and picked them up and took them and the dog to her house so Alan and I could go out Friday night to first dinner at Dallas BBQ where I had an amazing margarita...the size of Texas!  Wow if I wasn't going to see a play I could have had another! Then we walked down to the Gershwin Theather to see Wicked the Musical. All I can say is it was amazing!  If you have see the Wizard of Oz and liked it you will LOVE this play!  Alan even liked it and he is not reallly into seeing any musical plays.  We had great seats 3rd row...gosh it was like being on top of the stage.  I would say if you are going I would pick a seat at least 10 rows back and in the center to not feel so on top of things.  Though it still was great!  

The following morning my actual birthday, Alan took me to the Fantastic Spa to have a 1 hour couples massage.  Wow did that feel good after walking around the city the night before!  So relaxing.   Then we went for a nice breakfast at IHop!  Love their breakfast!  Went then to Old Navy just to look around a bit while Alan ran and got a quick hair cut.  Wish I had more patience to shop.   We then went home and took showers and got dressed.... as far as I knew we were going to go and pick up the kids and have cake for my birthday....well when we got to my sisters/brother-in-laws house I was surprised at all the people who were there to celebrate with me.  It was so nice!  I never thought at all so many people would be there!  Everyone worked so hard to make it such a nice party!   It was a lot of fun!  I am so blessed by the people who are in my life!  Life has been good!  I can only hope that the next 40 years is even better!

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