Monday, February 22, 2010


Alan and I are getting ready to redo our bedroom.  It hasn't had a made-over in a long time.  I am in the process of gutting out the room a little at a time.  The furniture we have now is starting to fall apart.  It was handed down from Alan's grandparents.  We went out and found Broyhill Furniture that we love.  We still have to pick out and paint and the bedroom and pick out carpeting.  Not exactally sure what colors we will choose yet. 

Tomorrow, we are going to New Jersey for a funeral.  Alan's cousin (on the right) passed away suddenly due to a brain hemmorage he was in his early 50's and had 3 beautiful girls and a wife he is leaving behind.  So very sad and shocking.  Loosing someone like this really makes you think how much you need to appreciate those in your life you love.  You never know what tomorrow will bring and being angry with someone is just not worth it.  All the more reason to be able to forgive and not hold grudges towards people.  Something I have choose not to do.  It is not worth it.  We are here to love each other and be able to forgive.  Sadly, there are still people from my life that can't find this for themeselves.  How sad it is they have distanced themselves from family and friends and choose not to live life to it's fullest celebrating those they love.  They don't realize they are only hurting themselves.  

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Our Family Is Growing

This week the kids have been off this week for winter recess and we have been enjoying that time together.  We went Wednesday and brought home a cute little tri-colored Cavalier King Charles puppy named "Bella Joy"  (Bella means beautiful in Italian) Bella also mean's "God's Promise". 

Bella is just 10 weeks today! She is so tiny...but has such a sweet disposition.  Here she is: (she actually looks bigger in the picture)

We are just so excited to have her!  The kids are enjoying her so much....nothing like breaking up fights over who has the puppy next.  Molly our other Cavalier  is a little jelous but I know with time she will loosen up and love Bella as much as we do already. 

I can't wait for the weather to warm up a bit so we can start enjoying some nice walks together!  Spring is just around the corner!


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