Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Colonial Bedroom Theme

So the theme of my bedroom will be a colonial theme.  It will look so nice with the new wood floor Alan is going to put down and the new furniture.

I have chosen for my bed a nice colonial collection the Williamsburg Brighton Red Quilt from C&F Enterprises pictured on the left.  The quilt has a white background with delicate toile designs in red.


Broyhill Glenmore Set which has a nice honey borwn color.  We bought it at Raymoure & Flanigan.  We got the dresser and mirror, tall dresser, side tables and bed.


Liked this desk a lot and the color and style I thing goes well with the theme.  It will hold my 27inch IMac which we use in our room for a computer and television.  

Now I have to work on some prints for the room and lamps...I really like the primitive saltbox prints by Dotty Chase and Warren Kimble.  Slowly it should all come together.

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  1. That bedroom set and fabrics look soooo cozy. Just makes me want to hop on the bed and curl up in the blankets and read a good book. :)

    It's verrrrrrry cozy ..... and comfort is EVERYTHING !!!! ;)


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