Thursday, March 11, 2010

New iPad & Bedroom Makeover

So excited to be pre-ordering the new iPad coming out in April.  The iPad I want is with the 3G + Wi-Fi capabilities.  The 3G+WiFi version will be released in late April but it available for pre-order tomorrow.  I already own an iPhone, 27 inch iMac that I love and now this will be my latest toy!   I am such a technology geek!

Everything is coming along with the room makeover.  We are painting on Saturday and then on Sunday my parents are coming over to help us move out the old furniture and mirror so the new Pergo floor can go down.  My Dad is going to help Alan with it.  We are excited to see how it will look!  We are even thinking about doing one in the living room and hallway.   I hope getting rid of the rugs will help my asthma.  

Tomorrow Bella goes back to the vet.  Her little cough is gone and she is doing really well.  She is really such a sweet puppy!

The kids are doing well with school and I think they are already looking forward to the Easter break which is early this year.    

As I write this I am waiting on Alan to get home from work.  He has been busy with his re-model in our Comic Book Store he knocked down the back wall and made the back office smaller but gained more room for the gaming area.  I will get a picture when it is all done.

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