Thursday, March 4, 2010

Puppy and Redecorating

Took 11 week old Bella to the Vet today.  She still has a little cold but is feeling much better.  She even gained an ounce...she is now 2.6lbs. She also got her new pet tag in the mail.  I Love these pet tags.  Molly has one as well.  It is from Animal Stars If you click on the link, on the page where they sell the tags along with some famous doggies is my dog Molly at 10 weeks old on the bottom right with her pet tag that they use for advertising.  They are a little pricey but divided out over the next 10+ years you have your dog it really isn't so bad.  Bella is doing well with potty training.  She is pretty much wee wee pad trained already...she looks for the pad and goes.  I would have preferred to train directly outside like I did with Molly (I had her trained in a week or two) but Bella had the cold so I couldn't plus all the snow.  Poor little girl would have been lost.  

Alan and I are getting ready to do some big cleaning out of our bedroom getting rid of it all and starting fresh.  I am still a little torn on the color of the bedroom which we will be painting next weekend. I think I will do a more neutral warm color.  I also am going to look into putting down a wood floor in the bedroom as opposed to the plush rug.  With my asthma it is really not the best idea to have a rug so maybe just a big area rug that I am able to clean under.  Rugs really do hold lots of dust in them.  I have a Dyson and what comes up even if I vacuum every day is so gross.  We will go and look into all of this on Tuesday when Alan is off.  In my last post I put a picture of the bedroom set.  I am looking tonight at some nice quilt sets for the room.  If I find one I will post it here.   The Country Porch has some really nice ones that are made very well...cotton and cotton filled not that polyester fill stuff you find in some stores.  

Hope everyone is having a good week... :0)

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