Friday, March 26, 2010

Bedroom Almost Done

Went with Brittany's class today to the Roslyn Museum of Art.  I only went because Brittany was not allowed on the school bus because of her broken ankle.  I had to make sure elevator was working and there  was a wheel chair for her.  It all actually worked out fine.  Here is a video I made of the pictures I took.

Tomorrow, I am having family over to celebrate Alan and David's Birthdays.   It is always nice when the family gets together.  Not sure what I am getting Alan yet.  David is a little easier...most likely something for the computer.  Then after, I have a few of Brittany and Kaylee's friends coming over for a sleepover which they are looking very forward to.

The bedroom set finally came and it looks beautiful.  I am still waiting for my area rug, pictures, curtains, lamps and desk to come in the mail so maybe by next week it will all be finished.  Here is a few pictures of what it looks like. (You can click on the pictures to make larger)

Have a super weekend!!

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