Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Ahead/Cleaning

What a weekend...Rainy and Windy.  Great weekend for cleaning out our bedroom.  It has been a huge job to say the least. Twenty years of stuff in this room.  We have kept our room clean but never had to empty two closets out and two huge dressers and two night stands out.  Also, finding papers from Alan's parents some sentimental so it was tedious to go through everything.  Not to mention all the pictures...gosh loads of them...put them in boxes to go through later on and sort them.  I got rid of 85% of all my clothes.  It is amazing what you collect over the years.  

The picture on the rightis one I am thinking about going with.  It is a print from Dotty Chase.  She does a lot of American Folk art.

Alan is off getting coffee and lets not forget also we turn the clocks ahead tonight...darn I lose an hour tonight.  Tomorrow we have my parents coming over to help move the rest of this furniture out. It is really old heavy cherrywood. 5 minute break is up....back to cleaning!!

Until tomorrow...

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