Thursday, March 18, 2010

Visit to the ER

What a crazy day.  The Hospital, the orthopedic etc...

My 11 year old Brittany, had a little spill this morning when getting up and twisted her right ankle.  She was crying and in a lot of pain and couldn't walk, so I took her over to the hospital to have it looked at and have an x-ray and was told it was a salter-harris fracture (has to do with the growth plate in her ankle) and she was put in a cast, shoe and crutches for two weeks. 

Finally, I am home and Brittany took some pain medicine and fell asleep.  She will be out of school tomorrow and will go back on Monday.   She will have to use the elevator in school and no gym either.  I hope she is feeling better in time to start on the Nassau County spring track team her and Kaylee are going to be on.  Thankfully,  practice doesn't start until mid April.  

Well off to get some rest... :o)

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