Friday, April 16, 2010

Back From The Hospital

Back from the hospital today.  My son had another upper GI with small bowel series done.  It took all morning and part of the afternoon for the contrast to move through.  He hasn't had any problems with his crohn's disease since his last stay in the hospital in November.  Then the past few weeks it has started up all over again.  The test didn't show anything new going on so I am hoping when we talk to his GI doctor at Winthrop Monday it will just be a medication change.   I am happy it was good news.   He is so wiped out.   He came home and now is asleep.  

I also went and got some cute things for my godson tomorrow for his 3rd birthday my family is going to.  Can't believe how fast 3 years has gone.  I also found some things for my Mom for her birthday next month.  I am actually ahead for a change.  

Went and did some shopping for the bedroom.  New sheets, and I actually picked up another quilt for the bed.  You really have to watch the quality.  I rather pay more and know it is going to last then to buy a cheaply made quilt that is made of polyester...eww!!  I  can't stand to sleep in sheets after two days so I am always washing sheets and quilts.  Not to mention buying new pillows every month.  Yuck to keeping a pillow after a month...if you only know what lives in your pillow.  Saw a segment on Dr. Oz about that and have been buying new pillows every month since.  We finally have all our pictures that we are going to hang this weekend.  The Dotty Chase American Folk art prints are really nice.  I really like her salt box houses.  It is so cozy in the bedroom now.  I think next year we will work on getting rid of the rug in the living room and making over that room next.  

Still waiting for the new iPad to come out.  The Wi-Fi--3G one that is.  I was looking at the one while in Best Buy and it was awesome.  My cousin got one (the wi-fi one) and they like it a lot too.   I also got Alan an iPhone like mine yesterday and he really likes it.  We are turning into a Apple family between the iPhones, my 27 inch iMac and the soon iPad.  Got to love technology!

Well off to walk Molly & Bella.  Have a great weekend!!

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