Thursday, April 15, 2010

Just A Thought

I really just don't get people at times.  Isn't life about love and forgiveness, helping people and having healthy & happy family relationships, which includes communicating and celebrating others?  I know that is how I feel.  I like to surround myself with people who bring positive things to my life and I can bring positive and happiness to theirs.  So then I ask myself, why would someone want to choose to live a very resentful and angry life keeping secrets and not communicating, having anger and hate.  Why? What on earth is the purpose of that?  Where do they think this behavior is getting them by acting that way? Wouldn't you just think that they would love to have family who is there, who cares and enjoys getting together and laughing again?  Holding on to such hate and anger is so idiotic.  Don’t people comprehend that one day all that hate and anger does nothing but eat them up inside and pushes people further away and they will end up being a bitter person with no extended family.  You have to seriously feel sorry for them.

I myself have an experience such as this, and still don't understand that when I tried reaching out all it got me was a metaphoric feeling like I was slapped in the face for doing so.   Especially coming from someone who is my elder.  What is funny is that the situation was discussed and determined to be resolved.  Nevertheless, it still continues on months later.   If someone doesn't want to bother with my family or me so be it, and by the way my whole family including cousins, friends who they felt they needed to obliterate from their lives as well.... who had nothing to do with or had any idea as to why they were being treated that way.  How thoughtless is that now?  Then I find out instead of these people calling or communicating to see how I am doing they feel the need to come to my blog looking around to see what I and/or my family are up to.  It sends such a diverse message.  First you act like you don't care; and then you’re coming here to my blog looking around reading and looking at my pictures and another site I created for my daughter. Enough already. When will all this stop? I got the email months ago that was so ridiculous I choose not to respond to it.  I was not going to continue on with such ridiculousness.  I got the point that my family and me were no longer important.  Again, that is what I got for reaching out and offering a sincere apology.  Though, please with the family trust.... grow up!!  I am just tired of the hypocrisy, lies and the games that still get played.   Move on already and let it go would you.

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