Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Portrait and My Puppy

I was contacted by an animal portrait artist named Connie Bowen just a couple of weeks ago, asking if she could paint my dog "Molly Grace" from a picture I had uploaded to my flickr account when Molly was just 12 1/2 weeks old.   I of course said yes and to my surprise I opened my email and found this beautiful painting of Molly Grace from when she was a puppy.  

Original Picture of My "Molly Grace"

I just love it!  She captured Molly so beautifully right down to the expression of her eyes.  The picture she used is on the right. The detail of her collar and ID tag she wears too.  She has many other paintings and from what I see on her site you can have her do paintings as well.  The site is  www.ConnieBowen.com please go and check it out she does such beautiful work.  

Today, Alan is off from work so we have a few errands to run but then we will be having a meeting later this afternoon with a woman from the American Heart Association regarding this years "Heart Walk".  I am excited to meet with her and discuss our fundraising efforts.  We walk every year in honor of our daughter Kaylee Rose who was born with congenital heart disease.  Her story can be found at www.KayleesHeart.com.

Have a great day!! 

Monday, June 28, 2010

Time to Say Goodbye

 12/1990 ~ 6/27/2010

While you could not speak the words,
I could hear the whispers of your voice.
Telling me it was time to go,
to celebrate your life and rejoice.

You decided it was time to go and
find your resting ground.
You lay down your tired head and
went without a sound.

In my heart I know you loved me,
as much as I loved you.
I pray you've found the peace,
that will help to see me through.

I thank you for all the joy in my life and
the smiles you've brought to me.
May God guide you on your journey and
may your spirit always run free.

It is so hard to loose a pet who has become such a big part of your family, for us it was our cat Misty who we had for 19 years.  We adopted Misty from North Shore Animal League back in January of 1991 along with her sister Mandee (who passed on 4/27/2009 - See picture below) exactally 1 year and two months to the day.  They were there even before our children were born.  We went through so many things together.  

12/1990 ~ 4/27/2009
Now I miss walking by their special spots and not seeing them curled up sleeping,  or they way they used to rub against my leg, purr to say hello or can I have a little treat or the way the used to lay at the bottom of my feet while I slept at night.  Their dishes are empty and now put away.  I am left now with only pictures and memories that I will forever cherish.  You loved so unconditionally in every way.  We will love and miss you always.

Lord, you have embraced a good friend and loving companion.
While we mourn what we have lost, we do celebrate what we had...
and in saying goodbye, we renew our pledge to love and care
for any creature you entrust to us for its time of life.
Thank you, Lord, for the joy this loved one gave us and for making it
possible for us to have made this friend's life a good one.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Moving on Up!

My daughter Brittany graduated today from her elementary school and we couldn't be prouder of her.  There were only two tickets each family so of course Alan and I went. She had a really beautiful ceremony and the graduating class sang "Do I Make You Proud,"  it actually brought tears to my eyes.  After we got together with my parents and David and Kaylee and went to lunch at the Milleridge Inn.  We had a great time.  After, Alan had to get back to the comic book store and my parents had to pick something up so the kids and I walked around the little shops for a bit and then came home.  I have to go and finish doing a few things for Saturday's Graduation Party, I have a cake to bake and some cleaning to do. Here are some pictures from the day.

Nana, Brittany, Pop-Pop



Alan, Brittany & Me

Our Children - Kaylee, David, & Brittany

"Daddy's Little Girl"  Brittany & Alan

Pop-Pop, Brittany & Nana

Sigh.....it all goes by so quick....seems like yesterday I was just signing her up for Kindergarten.  Guess I have to get used to the idea my little girl is growing up.  She starts middle school in September.  

Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Begins

Summer is here again, although it has felt like summer for quite a bit now weather wise. School is out in a few days.  Tomorrow is the last full day then there are two half days and on the last day they go in for one hour and a half.  Brittany's moving up ceremony is on Thursday, and we are really looking forward to to it.  She is all excited.  Today we will go and try to look for a dress for her to wear for her big day.  Saturday we are having family and friends over to celebrate.  Hopefully the weather will be nice.  

Yesterday was Father's Day and we had a nice day.  I love baking and cooking for Alan so I got up a little early to pick some blueberries from our blueberry bush to make Alan my homemade waffles and blueberry muffins.  He loved them and he loves blueberries.  

- Blueberries from our yard -
Alan spent the afternoon outside relaxing in the lounge chair getting some sun while I baked a chocolate pound cake.   If you know Alan, he rarely gets to do that, relax that is.  He works so hard with our Comic Book Store and his job at UPS at night.  The weekends mean a lot to him to get to spend time with family.  It sometimes is hard with him working two jobs but Alan really isn't the type of person who sits around too long, he always has to be doing something.  

Later on we went over to my parents home and had a nice barbecue.  The kids enjoyed swimming in the pool for the first time since my Dad opened it.  It sure was hot enough out.  I can take the heat any day but the humidity...yuck.  It was a nice day and a happy one. All the little memories I will cherish always! 
Kaylee enjoying the pool at our house
Kids swimming in my parents pool
My Parents with my nephew Ryan
"The Father's" Darren, little Ryan, My Dad, and Alan
Ryan Feeding Cake to My Dad (Pop-Pop)
Blowing out their Father's Day Candle on their Fudgie the Whale Cake

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Track Trophy Day

Kaylee and Brittany got their trophies for the East Meadow PAL Track Team.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Party Time

Keith's 40th Birthday (click on pic to veiw larger)

Had a great time at Keith's 40th Birthday yesterday.  Alison worked so hard to make it such a special day for Keith and everything was great!  It felt good to get out and enjoy the day even though I wasn't feeling too great but I was so happy I did.  Peter, Alan and I enjoyed chatting with Jeannine and her husband Patrick and the night flew by and before we knew it, it was time for cake and then it was back to the train station to drop Peter off around 10pm. We were running so late that we never got the chance to go over to my brother-in-laws to wish him Happy Birthday too so Alan called to apologize and wish him a Happy Birthday! Today is also my cousin Colleen's Birthday!  So many birthday's so little time!  A few more pictures from the day:

My son David 17 and Alan

Peter and My Mom

Alan and Kaylee

Today we are just relaxing and I am enjoying watching the kids in the pool and enjoying what is left of the weekend.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Little Celebrations

I really do enjoy celebrating with family/friends. These moments that are just so important.  In fact, right now I am waiting for Peter to come over today.  He is on the train now coming from NJ. Alan is going to get him at the train station soon. He is going with us today to a couple of parties we were invited to celebrate.  I am looking forward to it but I have been feeling horrible the past few days.  Having bronchitis and my breathing hasn't been too good.  I am going to try and go and see how I do.  

Anyways...Brittany had her 5th grade bbq yesterday and had a lot of fun she said.  She came home with her t-shirt all signed by her classmates.  I am so glad she is having a good ending to the the year!  

David just finished his very last day of 11th Grade.  The next two weeks is finals.  I think he may work for Alan this summer in our comic book store.  Now I have to get him down to get his permit so he can start to practice driving.  

Kaylee finished this week with track.  This Wednesday, she has her trophy day and pizza party at the park for the team. 

Alan is busy as ever with the comic book store, since he did some remodeling in the gaming area, Friday nights has been crazy after 4pm.  

Off to gett ready...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Enjoying Family Time

It sure has been a while since I blogged last, it's one of those things I just keep meaning to do until something else comes up and it gets pushed on the side.  I am home sick today with a case of acute asthmatic bronchitis.  Brittany was sick a couple of weeks ago with pneumonia.  She was so miserable.  So when I woke up feeling terrible yesterday, I got right over to the doctor.  Thankfully no pneumonia for me.  I had that a couple of years ago and spent 10 days in the hospital...so not fun!! 

Brittany, Alan, Kaylee & Molly
Summer is just around the corner but the weather has been really nice and we finally got the pool open last week.  We also have been enjoying some nice family time down at the beach with the dogs and kids and having our barbecue's and roasting marshmallows by the fire.
Brittany 2010

You also know it is summer when all the weekends start booking up.  So much to celebrate. This weekend we have some family birthday's to attend to.   We are also having a party for Brittany for her graduation from elementary school. Finally got the invites out in the mail. We are so proud of her! Then July will be here and it is off to CT. for a 4th of July party.  We always have such a blast when we go.

 2004 Pre-K Graduation


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