Sunday, June 13, 2010

Party Time

Keith's 40th Birthday (click on pic to veiw larger)

Had a great time at Keith's 40th Birthday yesterday.  Alison worked so hard to make it such a special day for Keith and everything was great!  It felt good to get out and enjoy the day even though I wasn't feeling too great but I was so happy I did.  Peter, Alan and I enjoyed chatting with Jeannine and her husband Patrick and the night flew by and before we knew it, it was time for cake and then it was back to the train station to drop Peter off around 10pm. We were running so late that we never got the chance to go over to my brother-in-laws to wish him Happy Birthday too so Alan called to apologize and wish him a Happy Birthday! Today is also my cousin Colleen's Birthday!  So many birthday's so little time!  A few more pictures from the day:

My son David 17 and Alan

Peter and My Mom

Alan and Kaylee

Today we are just relaxing and I am enjoying watching the kids in the pool and enjoying what is left of the weekend.

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  1. The party sounds wonderful!! I am glad you all had a great time. :)
    I am taking a class called Infant/Toddler this summer, I am getting my Early Childhood certification to teach, so it will take a while. I have 2 more years.


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