Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Begins

Summer is here again, although it has felt like summer for quite a bit now weather wise. School is out in a few days.  Tomorrow is the last full day then there are two half days and on the last day they go in for one hour and a half.  Brittany's moving up ceremony is on Thursday, and we are really looking forward to to it.  She is all excited.  Today we will go and try to look for a dress for her to wear for her big day.  Saturday we are having family and friends over to celebrate.  Hopefully the weather will be nice.  

Yesterday was Father's Day and we had a nice day.  I love baking and cooking for Alan so I got up a little early to pick some blueberries from our blueberry bush to make Alan my homemade waffles and blueberry muffins.  He loved them and he loves blueberries.  

- Blueberries from our yard -
Alan spent the afternoon outside relaxing in the lounge chair getting some sun while I baked a chocolate pound cake.   If you know Alan, he rarely gets to do that, relax that is.  He works so hard with our Comic Book Store and his job at UPS at night.  The weekends mean a lot to him to get to spend time with family.  It sometimes is hard with him working two jobs but Alan really isn't the type of person who sits around too long, he always has to be doing something.  

Later on we went over to my parents home and had a nice barbecue.  The kids enjoyed swimming in the pool for the first time since my Dad opened it.  It sure was hot enough out.  I can take the heat any day but the humidity...yuck.  It was a nice day and a happy one. All the little memories I will cherish always! 
Kaylee enjoying the pool at our house
Kids swimming in my parents pool
My Parents with my nephew Ryan
"The Father's" Darren, little Ryan, My Dad, and Alan
Ryan Feeding Cake to My Dad (Pop-Pop)
Blowing out their Father's Day Candle on their Fudgie the Whale Cake

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  1. Hi Dawn!! It looks like a great weekend!! I love the pictures!! We have a small pool that we are just getting put up. It is so hot!! Have a nice weekend!! ((BIG HUGS))!!!


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