Saturday, July 31, 2010

Family Fun!

Last night, while I was up late, Brittany couldn't sleep so she came into the kitchen and for no reason we just decided to bake some chocolate chip cookies.  I know it was late but it was so quiet and peaceful and just felt it was some great time to connect and talk with her.  We talked and laughed about so many things.  Making some fun memories and baking. 
Today we were busy getting ready for our family trip to Lancaster, PA. tomorrow.  The kids are so excited and I think Alan is happy to get away from the comic book store and UPS for a bit.  Life gets so busy at times and we just need a little time away from the every day routine and just go and relax and enjoy.  I so enjoy and cherish this time with my family.  It is a time to reconnect and all be together.  

Well off to bed and on the road bright and early...

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Take A Step Back

Sometimes our feelings can take us by surprise, and we don't realize we are actually holding the hurt, or the pain or sometimes the anger within us for a situation until it arises.  

A simple comment can spark off a reaction and you don't know why. With some people it's a one way street and that what you sometimes give to them you don't get back in return.
It's hard when it's supposed to be an equal footing with someone and you have to break the cycle and often you don't want to face this or see it. We all bury our head in the sand about that.
It's about making an effort to be present in someone elses life especially if you said you would be there and not getting wrapped up in your own life all the time. It can sadly ruin friendships, relationships and many other things, sadly some people can be selfish and they just don't see it.
Remember, we all have busy lives, a lot of people have heavy work commitments, kids, problems,  etc.  and if the other person or people make an effort and it's not returned then people will eventually get disheartened and you will find you could be left on your own. It's a sad fact but true.
I am guilty of it sometimes, I know.  I do my best to not make it a habit, but I always do my best to support them and try to be on the end of the phone for them and call when I say I will call. It's never easy and sometimes it can be exhausting, but it's about making an effort especially if they really do mean something to you. However, that's not always returned and sadly some people say that they haven't seen you and they complain, yet you have made every effort to make it happen and it just doesn't.
So sometimes it's time to stop and ask yourself, am I really being fair, are things really equal or is it a one way street. We may not like the answer and we have to deal with that.
Are you the one going to visit others?  Are you the one trying to make plans and getting no commitment?  Are you the one who is texting, calling and leaving messages and not getting answered? Are you the one waiting for the phone to ring? If so, it is time to stop.

People change through life and if you don't like who they have become, wish them well then take a step back,  because after all, you deserve so much more than this and life is not a one way street, you have to honor yourself.  You can't force a situation to happen and when you do stop, take a moment to sit back and see this, don't be bitter, angry and upset.  Maybe they just don't see how much they are hurting you because they have gotten so wrapped up in their own life.  Take that step back and wait for them to take a step towards you for a change. Then you will see the reality and hopefully, the other person will realize what they had and possibly lost.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Quiet Week

This past weekend was busy. Saturday, the kids and I went to a surprise party for a friend of mine who was turned 40.  Sunday, Peter came from NJ for a visit  and we went to my parents house to visit and did some swimming since it was so hot out that day. We had a nice barbecue and it an awesome day.

Tuesday, Alan and I had planned to go blueberry picking out on Eastern Long Island, but it ended up raining.   We ended up taking the kids to the movies.  We saw "Grown Ups"  it was an Adam Sandler movie and it was actually pretty funny.

Alan and I are trying to figure out somewhere to go for 2-3 days with the kids this summer.  It really is hard with having the store to get away.  I was thinking somewhere in in the surrounding NY state. Anyone have any ideas?

Today was the kids physicals for the year.  They all did really well. Other than thatOff to make dinner and catch up on some laundry funny how that pile is just never ending. 

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Some Catching Up!

summer vacation has been great. The past 4th of July weekend was really nice.  Saturday, I spent the day baking cut-out cookies, a cake and a cream puff cake that was sooo good!  Sunday, we were off to Connecticut for the day for the annual 4th of July Party we usually go every year and have a blast!  Took some great pictures.

 - Cake I made for 4th of July -

My nephew and my puppy Bella

Kaylee riding "Dusty"

Kaylee, Brittany & Aunt Marilyn

My youngest Kaylee and Daddy

My sister and her son


Emily riding "Dusty"

My cousins new puppy named "Kaylee"  
This picture is not from the July 4th but I really liked it.  It is my Mom and my husband Alan. 

Alan & Mom

Monday we we relaxed and enjoyed the pool with the girls and David went to work with Alan.  David has been working with Alan this summer at our store The Comic Book Depot. Alan said he is doing really well.   David seems to really enjoy it.

Alan has the store closed on Tuesday's so we ran a few errands and then were trying to figure out something to do with the kids for the rest of the afternoon.  It is also during our wonderful heat wave temps have been over 100 degrees and humid on top of it.  Not weather I enjoy being out in and with my asthma it is not good.  So we decided to take the kids to see "Toy Story 3D"  it was indoors and in a cool movie theater! It was really cute movie.  I recommend seeing it in 3D if you can. 

Wednesday, David went to work with Alan and the girls and I enjoyed the yard and pool.  They said the pool felt like a hot tub from the 104 degree weather.  The water was over 90 degrees.  Even with our central air conditioning with the temps so high for the past week it is so hard for the air conditioning to keep up with the sun and heat on the house.

Today it is another hot day but not as bad, I dropped David off to work at the store with Alan at 1pm and then I have to finish up some laundry, cleaning and then I am taking the girls to my parents house to do some swimming and then my Mom and I are going to a dinner show.  


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