Saturday, July 31, 2010

Family Fun!

Last night, while I was up late, Brittany couldn't sleep so she came into the kitchen and for no reason we just decided to bake some chocolate chip cookies.  I know it was late but it was so quiet and peaceful and just felt it was some great time to connect and talk with her.  We talked and laughed about so many things.  Making some fun memories and baking. 
Today we were busy getting ready for our family trip to Lancaster, PA. tomorrow.  The kids are so excited and I think Alan is happy to get away from the comic book store and UPS for a bit.  Life gets so busy at times and we just need a little time away from the every day routine and just go and relax and enjoy.  I so enjoy and cherish this time with my family.  It is a time to reconnect and all be together.  

Well off to bed and on the road bright and early...


  1. Dawn baking cookies like that sound slike so much fun!!
    Enjoy your trip!! ((BIG HUGS))!!

  2. Hi Dawn, just returning the visit... hope you have fun in PA.

  3. Hi Dawn I Hope you had a fun time on your trip. I agree it's fun to get away and connect with family. Big hugs


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