Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Family Photos

Family Photos 
The weather today was kind of blah so we just ended up having a nice quiet Sunday.   I decided to work on a frame I bought almost a year ago and put some pictures in it an hang it in my hallway.  So happy we have pictures of many of the events and just common day things we do and of the people we love especially the ones who are no longer with us.
  • In this frame I have pictures starting at the top and left to right.
  • Our engagement party 1990.
  • Alan's Dad and his Aunt Mary at our wedding in 1991
  • Brittany and Kaylee playing
  • My parents with my niece Ashley, and Brittany & David on my best friend Alison's wedding day.
  • Family picture from my sister Lisa's wedding.  
  • Grandma and Brittany at Grandma's 78th Birthday
  • David
  • David when he was in Plainedge football
  • Alan's Mom and Dad at Yellowstone Park in 1981. Alan's Mom passed in 1989 and Alan's Dad passed in 1991 just 4 months after we were married.  We actually live in the same house Alan grew up in.
  • My three children David, Brittany & Kaylee with Molly.
  • Alan and I.
  • Kaylee and Brittany in our yard.

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  1. Happy Birthday to Kaylee and Lisa!! It looks like Kaylee had a great one!!
    Congrats on the picture!! It is gorgeous!! :)


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