Thursday, October 7, 2010

Robbery On My Parents Block - North Massapequa

My Parents house on far left with circle windows. Driveway
was on left -- get away car parked in front of tree to right.
I was just leaving my parents house yesterday about a minute before this all happened.  The get away truck was double parked next to my parents neighbors house.  I really didn't pay it any attention except to notice it was there while I was backing up out of my parents driveway and trying to look beyond it for traffic coming down the road.   When I get home, my Mom calls me to tell me what happened just after I left.

Scary to know these guys had guns while these kids were outside playing just across the street from my parents home.  Happy no one was hurt and these guys were caught! 

Gas Station robbed on corner. N. Broadway by S.S. Pky.
Neighbors who got the license plate which helped catch the
{You can even see my parents house in the newscast video below -- one story cream house with brown trim when the newscaster is showing a picture of the license plate.}

Story from News 12 Long Island

Three kids are being hailed as heroes after police say they aided in the arrest of an alleged armed robber in North Massapequa.  (on North Linden Street)
Authorities say the the suspect held up a Getty Gas station while the kids were outside. When the man ran out the door, they say the Getty employee yelled to the kids to get the license plate number of the getaway car.
The kids say they told police a description of the car and the license plate number they saw.
Police say they were only off by one digit in the plate number but they were still able to apprehend the alleged suspect based on the information provided.



  1. Wow! That was close and I am so glad that the license plate was taken and they were caught! We had something very horrible happen around the corner from us. They are still looking for the guy, but no news yet. =(

  2. Wow I heard this on the radio..I didnt realize it was the gas station I always go to..I recognize Sonny in the news clip.he is a nice guy.Been going there for years for really good coffee believe it or not..Glad they caught the guys..


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