Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Last Two Weeks

Looking forward to this weekend's get together with family and friends to celebrate a birthday party which will really be a nice surprise!  I think is nice to make people feel special and make some nice new memories.

I have been busy the past few weeks.  I went to see The Dr. Oz show again with my Mom & Peter. Had great seats and then went for a quick bite to eat and had to be home early to pick up the kids from school. The show will air sometime soon.  If you want to know which show just email me.  

My family gathered together to walk at the Autism Walk at Jones Beach on Oct. 3rd.  It was a great day to walk down by the beach.  We walk for my Godson who is on the spectrum of Autism. His parents are doing such an awesome job with him and he has come a long way.  After, we enjoyed the fall day by going to the Bellmore Street Fair, which is a local fair that is pretty big with rides, crafts, etc. We go almost every year just to walk around and enjoy the afternoon. 

The following week, I took my son David to get his driving permit.  He was nervous, but he ended up doing really well and got all the questions right on his test.  Since then, he has been out a few times driving and is doing great.  He also had his pictures done for his Graduation this year from High School.  I can't believe how the time has just flown by and watching my little boy turn into a man.  Since he has kept a good average in school, he was able to take some college level classes in high school this year.  So he is earning 6 college credits from C.W. Post College this year as well. The girls are doing well in school too.  Kaylee is playing violin at school and taking guitar lessons and Brittany is doing Art Workshop and Art Club at school. Kaylee also starts Basketball again this Wednesday too.  I also just got their books for religion too.  So it's a pretty busy schedule.  Alan is doing well and the store has been doing well too since the renovations to the gaming area.  

We just recently  took the family into Manhattan to see Comic-Con in Manhattan at the Jacob Javits Center and saw a few celebrities. Alan was in his glory and the kids liked going to their first big event like that.

Waiting for the train to go to Manhattan for Comic-Con at the Jacob Javit's Center.
Terry Moore and Alan
Lou Ferrigno - The Incredible Hulk
Alan meeting Christopher Judge from Stargate
Alan and I are still looking forward to our trip to Hawaii this spring, for our 20th Anniversary. We have been doing a lot of reading and got some really great deals on top of already getting almost a $1000 in onboard credit.  We are planing to use much of that in the onboard Spa.  We have been planning our tours on the islands instead of with the boat which saves tons!  Going through a travel agent is not always such a big bargain. The deals are out there you just have to look.  It's amazing how many people don't do that. 

Hope everyone is enjoying the Fall Season!


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  1. Sounds like y'all had a great time! You are right the years just fly by. I can't believe Skye will be seven years old in December!!! Wow! And my son Tanner will be starting middle school. Makes me want to shed some tears...but happy tears!!! =)


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