Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Truth Is...

I wish certain family and friends were supportive and respectful of my feelings for once. How is it the person who is being rude, gets support from family, friends. How many called me, sent a card, or a note knowing how hard of a time I was having...the pain I was feeling. I have to feel like the outcast?

I am also tired of hearing about the ones who say things behind your back, analyzing and saying what opinions they have. Are you kidding me? You have no idea. Those people should really try taking a look at themselves first before casting judgement on someone else. You have something to say then say it to me.

I have been hurt too many times, and I am tired of walking around on egg shells wondering if this person is going to be rude and nasty or the sweet person I once knew...it changes all the time. I have my walls up now to protect my feelings and I am doing my best to move forward until I get an apology for lying and the rude behavior.

Remember, I am not the one who caused this situation. Anyone who does not like this...too bad! Remember though, what comes around goes around. Someday you will be in a position where you need the support, wonder who will be there for you….


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