Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year 2012!

A New Year is hear 2012!  Can’t believe I have been writing on my blog since 1998.  I just cancelled my FB account.  It has been something I have been thinking about since summer. I am glad I am away from all the crazy drama on there.  There are more positive things I want to focus on.

Here is a copy of this year’s Christmas Card.  It was so hard to just choose 1 or 2 pictures so I made a collage of all the moments from this past year.  We have Brittany at her concert, Kaylee starting school, David’s Graduation from High School, Alan and I renewing our vows in Hawaii on the beach and of course little Molly and Bella.
Kaylee Graduates this year from 5th Grade.  We just had a project that we did together.   Here is a baby picture of her I found that we are going to use for her baby picture in her yearbook.  Gosh, I forget how tiny she was. She was a just a year old in this picture. She is now 11 and makes me proud everyday!

Little Baby Kaylee Rose

David is enjoying college and doing really well.  Brittany is doing well with 7th grade.  Kaylee and Brittany will be in the same middle school next year.  Looking forward to only one trip back and forth to school instead of two.


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