Saturday, February 18, 2012

Toxic Ex-Friend

Did you ever wake up one day and realize that you invested many years in a friendship that you finally realized was very one sided. Meaning you were there and treated and gave of your self as as a true friend and realized in the end when were they ever there for you when you needed someone.

I realized this recently, it actually hurts to know that someone you know for how so many years took such advantage of you and your family with very little regard for your feelings or your family.
This person turned out to be someone who all they ever did was be such a blood sucking narcissistic person taking and taking and thinking about only their selfish ways. Continually  lying and and telling you stories. Can’t believe a word out of their mouth. Never will again. Never should have a long time ago either, but I just was a glutten for punishment! This person hurts you and your family and uses your family to benefit them and leaves you like dust in the wind when you need them. Then in the end fake apologizes and then lies to you even more. Baffling huh.

I am not nor is my family a doormat to be walked all over and then treated harshly like that.  How on earth is that deserved after everything that was done for this person.  How sad it is that they needed to act that way. This person took the only family that was there in time of need when their own family couldn’t or wouldn’t be there!  How sad.  This person continued to play games by not even talking like two adults and kept things going though emails and text messages.  I would want to talk talk on the phone or meet face to face.  Finally says yes we will sit down and meet and talk and then lied about that as well.  Why act like that?

I am just happy my life is finally rid of such a toxic relationship.  Toxic relationships from people who just take all the time for their own selfish purpose and never give back of themselves.  This is who this person was and I put up way too long listening to all the drama when I should have been running the other way.  It’s like you get sucked in and finally one day you come to a realization that they really never were there for you and you were the one always doing for them.  I am happy to move on and have people in my life who’s relationships I value and they value mine.  They give of themselves wholeheartedly and I give back the same.  

Relationships begin, they sometimes grow into something wonderful and sometimes you out grow that person and sometimes they change and come to and end.  I know for me it is finally a good end and I have positive caring people who will be there and care about me and I can do the same!


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