Friday, March 23, 2012

Cleaning for Television

Spent the day on Thursday cleaning and working on cleaning our basement.  Which believe me is a huge undertaking.  It was the spot where we had surround sound and our big screen tv until that blew out about a year ago.  Then with all the other fixing up around the house it became the storage area which is so discombobulated at the moment.  Well to put things in gear and for Alan and David’s birthdays which are on March 31st, I figured we would clean up the basement and reclaim our big screen tv room and bought a 73” HD1080p Mitsubishi 3D cinema television.  They are thrilled to say the least!  Alan is so happy about getting his movie room back!

It looks smaller in this but boy when you measure 73 inches from corner to corner of a tv it will basically fit our whole wall space.  It will be be delivered on Tuesday so I need to get into major gear and get it done. 

We also made plans for Easter Sunday with my parents.  We were originally going to go away because lets face it, it has been hard with the holidays with my sister and I not talking for the last 7 months.  I tried but she is just one of the most unsupportive people I know sadly and her husband is actually no better on stuff he pulled with my husband.  It is all so stupid but it is what it is at the moment and it is how things have to be until things someday maybe change. So after asking my parents about the holiday a week ago and not hearing anything back, I just thought I would be better removing myself from the holiday altogether and spend it in Lancaster, PA with my family so I didn’t have to worry and I figured it would take the pressure off my parents and us.  Though after talking to my Mom and the other night, she said her and my Dad were really looking forward to going with us to Milleridge Inn which is here on Long Island. So I cancelled Lancaster, PA.  I know crazy.  I guess I jumped the gun on that one.  I just don’t know what to do sometimes.  I am always so scared of getting hurt, and just try to figure out how I can protect my feelings from being hurt.  It’s a whole mess. Just so much runs through my head these days and I know it has to do with my over thinking things and part of my depression.  Though I have to say,   I would always choose family!  I would rather spend Easter with my parents and family at Milleridge Inn.  It is like a quaint little colonial town and they have for Easter Sunday the Easter Bunny walking around, old fashioned banjo players, little colonial shops, petting zoo and it really turns into a nice day.   The kids end up having such a nice day too!

Well that is pretty much all for today!  Got lots of cleaning to do!


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